Leadership Competency Model

In January 2022, a team of individuals involved in leadership work across the Institute was charged with developing a leadership competency model that aligned with Institute values and current leadership programs, and could be broadly applied across divisions. The primary question posed to this group was, “What are the key competencies needed to be a Georgia Tech leader?”

The result of this cross-collaborative team from WLPD, GTHR, IDEI, GTRI, and Faculty Affairs, was a comprehensive model focused on four high-impact leadership behaviors.

Acts Strategically

A leader who acts strategically will thoughtfully align work to the Institute’s Strategic Plan, set priorities, make data-informed decisions, and take action to deliver results.

Demonstrates Inclusivity

A leader who demonstrates inclusivity will show awareness of their own biases and actively seeks different perspectives and opportunities to connect and collaborate with others in ways that foster psychological safety and belonging.

Exhibits Social Intelligence

A leader who exhibits social intelligence possesses the ability to understand, manage, and get along well with others.

Develops Self and Others

A leader who develops self and others invests resources into professional development opportunities, creates a culture of feedback, and manages team dynamics.

Get to Know the Georgia Tech Leader Competency Model

The leader competencies are used to provide a common understanding of the behaviors desired and needed to improve performance, helping leaders be more objective in performance rating and make fairer decisions about their and others’ performance and development.

Each of the Competencies is comprised of 5 dimensions. These Dimensions are included to provide greater detail and specificity for each competency. Learn more about the skills, abilities, or characteristics an individual needs for effective or superior performance in a job.

Dive into the 4 videos to learn more about the Dimensions, Behaviors, and Characteristics for each competency.

The Model

The model is comprised of four competencies. They are: Acts Strategically, Demonstrates Inclusivity, Exhibits Social Intelligence, and Develops Self and Others. Each of the Leader Competencies includes additional behaviors called dimensions. These dimensions provide greater detail and specificity to support leaders in interpreting and exercising competency. Threaded throughout the Competency Model are the nine Institute Values.  (Learn more about the L.O.V.E. GT Values here)

Alignment to our Values

Our nine Institute values are our beliefs, ideals, and principles. They define what is important, meaningful, and vital for our organization to achieve its mission and vision. In other words, it is “What we stand for!”. Our competency models help us by defining behaviors, skills, and knowledge associated with the value. Competencies are tangible, measurable, and observable behaviors. They describe how leaders will behave for the organization’s vision and mission to thrive.

For example, a leader who exhibits social intelligence will practice cultural awareness and recognize the various cultures within their teams. This would make them more likely to support and encourage cultural occasions or needs.

Leader Competency Guide & Self-Paced Courses for Leaders

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Personalized Learning Roadmap

The Workplace Learning & Professional Development team developed the Values-Based Self-Assessment tool to provide you with a personalized learning roadmap to identify your personal strengths and growth opportunities related to the Institute’s values.

After taking the assessment, you will receive a Learning Roadmap based on your responses. As we strive to live our values every day, this learning roadmap is designed to assist you with growing the competencies and skills based on Tech’s strategic values.

Get Started with the Values-Based Assessment (VBA) Learning Roadmap

The VBA Learning Roadmap is a guide to your 12-month professional development journey. It contains personalized learning recommendations based on your VBA results and grounded in competencies tightly mapped to Georgia Tech’s strategic values.

The VBA Learning Roadmap contains different modes of learning recommendations—articles, podcasts, videos, suggested classes, etc.— to suit your learning style. The VBA Learning Roadmap supports Tech’s staff and faculty to bring Tech’s values to life in tangible ways through self-reflection, self-confidence, and positive influence.