Working @Tech Arrangements

The Institute is committed to cultivating our employees’ well-being and providing opportunities for flexible work arrangements that support the Institute’s mission and value of serving students.

Founded on our pursuit to lead by example, champion innovation, and maximize efficiency, the Working @Tech Arrangement enables the Institute to provide enhanced reporting and analytics regarding how people work at Georgia Tech.

Please note, while the Institute is committed to embracing flexibility, it is imperative that we prioritize the needs of our student population and recognize not all flexible options are guaranteed.

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Understanding Flexwork Arrangements

Georgia Tech follows the University System of Georgia’s policies for workplace flexibility to support the well-being of our employees and achieve our workplace goals. Although not every position can take advantage of these arrangements, there are a variety of ways that flexibility can be leveraged while maintaining productivity.   

The Flexwork Arrangements policy covers a variety of work arrangements, including hybrid and fully remote work scenarios. As stated in the policy, decisions to implement flexible work will be made by an employee’s unit leadership.

There are three types of flexible work arrangements available.  

  1. Compressed Workweek allows an employee to work a traditional 40-hour work week in less than 5 days.
  2. Flextime allows employees to change their arrival, departure and/or lunch times to come in earlier or leave later than the organization’s normal hours.
  3. Telecommuting allows employees to work away from the conventional or main office.

Guiding Principles

  • The process to determine a staff member’s flexible working arrangement is equitable.   
  • Decisions are made without bias or favoritism.   
  • Opportunities to work remote and/or hybrid match job responsibilities.   
  • Hybrid and remote working options have a positive or net-neutral effect on productivity, employee performance, and employee well-being.   
  • Approved hybrid and remote working options are documented and revisited (at maximum annually) based on team need and job responsibility.  
  • Engaging in a flexible work arrangement is a privilege for those employees in good performance standing with the Institute.   
    Why do all full-time employees need to complete the Working @Tech Arrangement?

    By collecting data from all full-time employees, we can have a broader awareness for the ways our employees are working across campus and understand what is happening across units. The data will assist the Institute in ensuring we are in compliance with employment laws in other states, as well as provide critical information needed for emergency and risk management planning. As responsible stewards of our State’s resources, it also provides opportunities to better understand space utilization and help direct employee engagement and retention efforts in the future.

    When does my Working @Tech Arrangement expire?

    The Working @Tech Arrangement does not have an expiration date. Employees are required to update their arrangement form whenever there is a change in their work location and/or schedule.

    How can I edit my Working at Tech Arrangement?

    If you need to make modifications to your arrangement, you will need to access the form and submit a new arrangement.