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Would you like to conduct a mandatory training?

All requests for mandatory training must be reviewed and be in compliance with the USG General Criteria for Employment Policy. To request an HR representative to review mandatory training content for individuals or groups within your department/unit/school, to ensure compliance, please complete this form. Further direction and guidance will be provided by GTHR upon receipt. 

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Employment Stages Forms


Effective Dec. 12, 2022: 
Enhancements to the Georgia Tech Performance Management Values-Based Goal Setting process are underway! The following goal-setting form is available ONLY as a reference. The submission process will change.

Employee Access, Benefits, Leave, and Pay Forms

Incentives & Awards Payments

As of June 2023, the Incentives & Awards Form is required for all types of Incentives and Awards including:

  • Critical Hire Incentive
  • Critical Skills Incentive
  • Employee Suggestion Program
  • Exceptional Performance Incentive (including Student Awards)
  • Goal Based Incentive

You must provide the signed PDF output of the form as an attachment to MSS requests in OneUSG Connect.

The Continuous Service Separation Agreement is required for Critical Hire and Critical Skills Incentives and must be provided as an attachment to MSS requests in OneUSG Connect.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Working @Tech Arrangement – Effective August 8, 2022
All active, regular, benefits-eligible faculty and non-academic staff are required to complete the Working @Tech Arrangement. The arrangement must be updated by the employee whenever their typical work schedule changes. If logging into the application for the first time, please select “Allow” on the screen after confirming your Georgia Tech account is being leveraged. All employees are expected to complete the new digital flexwork arrangement digital form. 
*GTRI employees will continue using the existing GTRI Flexible Working Arrangement/Telecommuting Form through the JIRA Service Desk.

Health Savings Accounts
Leave - Absence
Leave - Shared Sick Leave
Leave - Reporting & Requesting
  • Visit the Employee Self-Service Portal in OneUSG Connect.
Supplemental Pay

As of June 2023, the Supplemental Pay Form is required for the following pay types (*required only if a Signed Offer Letter is not available):

  • Part of Job Description
  • Addition to Job Responsibilities
  • Research Subject Fee*
  • Staff Temporary Assignment*
  • Student Temporary Assignment*
  • Faculty Temporary Assignment*

You must provide the PDF output of the form as an attachment to MSS requests in OneUSG Connect.

The Relocation Repayment Agreement is required for all Taxable Moving Expenses and must be provided as an attachment to MSS requests in OneUSG Connect.

The USG Overload Form is required for all Course Overloads and must be provided as an attachment to MSS requests in OneUSG Connect.

Guidance Documents

Working Titles

Due to the broad range of jobs contained within Georgia Tech’s Job Classification and Compensation System (JCCS) and the standardized nature of staff titles, a department may wish to designate a working title for a position. A working title (also called a business title) is a descriptive designation reflecting the nature of the work being performed in a specific or similar position. Working titles should differentiate the work being performed in a position and, simultaneously, be consistent with similar positions performing the same work in other areas on campus.

This guidance document is currently being updated. 8/4/23

Compensation for Travel Time Guide for Overtime-Eligible Employees

Applying these guidelines in specific situations can be challenging. Managers and employees are encouraged to use this guide and consult with their Human Resources representative for guidance before travel occurs.

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Short-term Assignments and Pay Guidance

When Georgia Tech employees vacate their roles or take extended leaves of absence, the Institute recognizes the need to temporarily assign those additional responsibilities to an active employee. This guidance provides a high-level overview of the available options.

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Direct Appointments

A direct appointment refers to the regular appointment of a person, where the normal advertising and competitive selection process is not applied, and Institutional business needs support this approach for an appointee whose unique skills and qualifications are documented. Refer to the documents below for additional details and instructions

Overview and Submission Process

Submission Memo Template