Working @Tech

In preparation for the fall semester, the following information is a guide for supervisors and employees as they establish work schedules for the new academic year. In determining work schedules, the primary consideration should be ensuring that the unit’s mission is fulfilled, with a particular focus on serving students. 

Supervisors should engage with employees to devise
work arrangements that leverage flexibility and support employee well-being, while ensuring the efficient and effective completion of the unit’s mission.

Using Paid Leave for Covid-19 Vaccination

The University System of Georgia (USG) temporarily reinstated the use of Non-Closure Emergency Leave for eligible employees receiving a Covid-19 vaccination. The policy is effective as of March 31.

HR Events

  • Sep 22

    Culitivating Mindfulness

    Explore the definition of mindfulness, benefits of being in the moment and how to build awareness. You are invited to bring a small food item (nut, fruit, piece of chocolate, etc.) to participate in a mindful eating activity.

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