Employee Experience

The employee experience is akin to a continuous journey, encompassing every facet of interaction between employees and the workplace. From the initial exposure of social media channels to daily conversations with seasoned colleagues, the employee’s perception is shaped by a spectrum of moments.  

An exceptional employee experience transcends isolated great moments, it is the outcome of consistent and meaningful interactions throughout the entirety of their employment. The employee life cycle delineates seven significant stages that leaders should prioritize when working on the employee experience strategy. These stages encompass pivotal milestones like onboarding and persistent elements such as performance conversations.


Employee Lifecycle

GT Employee Lifecycle

To create a common language, cohesive structure, and focused approach, Georgia Tech utilizes the Gallup model, which includes 7 distinct stages.    

  • Attract  
  • Hire  
  • Onboard  
  • Engage  
  • Perform  
  • Develop  
  • Depart

Leaders can enhance employees’ perceptions of their workplace by implementing targeted best practices at each stage of the employee life cycle. This ensures a holistic approach to fostering a positive and engaging work environment. Research indicates that such strategies contribute to higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion.  

By consistently refining and adapting strategies based on both quantitative and qualitative data, organizations can cultivate an employee experience that not only attracts talent but also retains and nurtures it over the long term. This commitment to continuous improvement aligns with the broader goals of learning and development, creating a workplace culture that values growth and supports employees throughout their professional journey. 


Culture is the most valuable and convincing promoter for attracting top talent. Investing in, attending to, and developing culture increases the chances that current employees will tell others how great it is to work at Georgia Tech.

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Amplify how we are living the Georgia Tech Values and advancing the Strategic Goals in everyday life by sharing “Tech-imonials,” insights, and visuals on GTHR Social Media Channels.

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Support the enthusiasm and excitement of new employees by encouraging them to attend the Welcome to Tech session offered by Workplace Learning & Development. Enhance the onboarding experience at the departmental/unit level by providing additional activities to build connections, clarity roles, and review and share Institute values or (L.O.V.E GT).

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Encompasses fundamental psychological, emotional and social needs for optimal work performance, emphasizing the importance of undertaking tasks that align with one’s strengths and connecting individual contributions to a broader sense of purpose. By addressing these multifaceted elements, organizations can foster a work environment that nurtures the emotional and social well-being of employees 

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A well-structured and comprehensive performance management cycle, like Georgia Tech’s, aligns with research-backed principles. By incorporating elements such as goal clarity, continuous communication, fair evaluation processes, and meaningful recognition, organizations can cultivate an environment that improve performance and foster a sense of belonging and accomplishment among employees.

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Leverage the learning and development opportunities offered at Georgia Tech, like STRAP and TAP tuition assistance programs, on-demand self-paced learning through LinkedIn learning or face-to-face course, seminars, and workshops. Broaden and deepen learning through engagement in the Georgia Tech Employee Resource Groups.

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Support employees during their transitions by requesting honest feedback and remaining positive. Our goal is to encourage great employees to boomerang back and bring their experiences and learning back to Georgia Tech.

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