Human Resources

Strategic Plan

HR Professionals at Tech are transforming into a stronger asset for faculty, staff, and our student workers. This transformation inspired the development of a clearly-defined, well-informed, data-driven, and stakeholder-supported strategy that aligns with the Institute’s strategic plan.

Mission Statement

Partner with Georgia Tech’s colleges and business units to maximize the potential of our greatest strength —our people, while supporting their well-being. We are committed to attracting, advancing, and celebrating our global and inclusive workforce, while providing exceptional HR services.

Vision Statement

Support Georgia Tech to become a leading employer of choice where our people thrive and feel included, supported, and valued. To achieve our goal, we will serve as a trusted, collaborative partner for all stakeholders.

Lead by Example

Lead and inspire by example by creating a culture of deliberate innovation in all our practices. Human Resources strives to be an example of efficiency, sustainability, ethics, equity, and inclusion at Georgia Tech.

Amplify Impact

Embrace our power as agents of change for the public good and generate talent, ideas, and solutions with unmatched impact and scale to help define and address the most critical problems of our time, locally and globally.

Cultivate Well-Being

Strengthen our culture of well-being and create an environment of holistic learning where all members of our community can grow and learn to lead healthy, purposeful, impactful lives.

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