GTHR Strategic Plan

Amplify Impact

Embrace our power as agents of change for the public good and generate talent, ideas, and solutions with unmatched impact and scale to help define and address the most critical problems of our time, locally and globally.

Goal 1


Attract top talent by articulating the value of our full reward offer to the public.

  • Objective 1 
    Promote well-developed and branded Employee Value Proposition (EVP) by communicating total rewards package in our postings and recruiting efforts.

Goal 2


Improve employee engagement by proactively enhancing the employee experience. 

  • Objective 1  
    Conduct surveys and interviews to make data-informed decisions that will improve employees’ workplace engagement and satisfaction

  • Objective 2
    Create environments that allow employees to speak freely without repercussions. Improve HR credibility and trust by establishing the HR community as a safe-space to share grievances.

Goal 3


Improve the employee retention rate by fostering a community where all employees can grow professionally, thrive, and feel fulfilled 

  • Objective 1 
    Support employee growth through intentional and equitable professional and career development.
  • Objective 2 
    Establish a base line of attrition reasons by collecting and utilizing exit survey data to understand impacting factors and taking action to address trends.