Staff Salary

Georgia Tech seeks to provide employees with a competitive and equitable level of compensation reflective of their contributions to the Institute’s mission over time.

Our compensation program is designed to attract, retain, and motivate employees by providing total compensation practices that:

  • Are competitive with outside market pay levels for similar jobs and aligned with Institute needs
  • Reinforce a pay-for-performance philosophy
  • Are nondiscriminatory
  • Encourage employee development by facilitating the assignment of developmental moves and cross-functional training

What Should You Understand About Your Salary?

Georgia Tech’s market:

The Institute uses general industry and higher education markets to determine competitive salaries. Some positions use higher education data, some use general industry, and many use a combination of the two. GTHR, in consultation with Institute leadership, defines our peer group.

Salary Structure Updates:

GTHR reviews the structure annually based upon market trends, and adjusts it as need.

How staff jobs are placed into salary grades:

Jobs are placed into salary grades based on a blend of external salary survey information and internal job evaluations. Therefore, jobs with a similar value in the external marketplace and within the Institute are in the same salary grade. To accurately assess jobs, GTHR periodically reviews job descriptions and salary ranges to ensure competitiveness.

How you can grow within the range:

Your pay can grow with merit increases or through promotions and career change/advancement.

  • Merit Increases: When available, merit increases are awarded in July and are based upon annual performance appraisal ratings (subject to availability of funding). To learn more, click here to read “How Merit Works”.
  • Promotions: Pay typically grows with promotions.
    • Reclassifications promotions are based on increased job responsibilities, needs of the department, and management recommendations.
    • Moving to a higher grade through the competitive application process (internal employees applying for another internal job).
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