Affiliate is an official Georgia Tech status granted by host departments to guests of the Institute or members of an affiliated organization. Affiliates must be participating in activities that support our Institute’s mission and require access to our campus facilities and/or our internal information technology systems.

There is no generic affiliate job code. Instead, there are six distinct types of affiliates:

  1. Business Partners/Contractors

  2. Georgia Tech Entities and Affiliated Organizations
  3. Instruction/Counseling
  4. Short-term Research/Access (less than 6 months)
  5. Long-term Research/Collaboration
  6. Former Paid Employees – no longer on campus


All affiliates must have a Georgia Tech employee sponsor/host and a defined term length. For job codes, definitions, examples, term lengths and requirements for each type of affiliate, please review the Affiliate Categories chart.

Note: Postdoctoral Scholars with external award funding (fellowships and training grants from U.S. federal or private agencies) are no longer in job code 995XA7; instead use 918BOO. Use of this code requires review/approval by Research Faculty Affairs.


The hosting Georgia Tech department must offer and initiate Affiliate status. There are no longer any PSFs or paper documents associated with adding an Affiliate. The process to add an Affiliate is done electronically in the OneUSG system. Here is the basic flow included on page six here.

For additional information, visit the Georgia Tech Service Portal at Select “Human Resources” and type your question in the search bar. Or you can select the word “Knowledge” in the menu bar at the top, and in the drop down, select “Human Resources Knowledge.”     


After onboarding and a Georgia Tech account is setup in HR, the Affiliate will need a copy of the PSF and proper identification in order to obtain their $30 Affiliate BuzzCard from the BuzzCard Center(Note: Postdoctoral Scholar Affiliates will be issued a Faculty/Staff BuzzCard.)


Visit to access knowledge materials, submit requests, and report incidents directly.