Working through Covid-19

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided as resource only. Georgia Tech does not endorse any of the programs listed.

The uncertainty surrounding Covid-19 can potentially be exacerbated when also navigating child care and educational options for school-aged children. These are unprecedented times with a cascading set of consequences on family life, education, health and well-being. This website is meant to be a collection of resources to provide assistance in various areas of life.

In addition to those resources, we encourage you to interact with real-time networks found below under Social Media Connections. 

Be Still

With so many moving parts and so many people vying for your attention, it's important to take time out for yourself. Discover mindfulness, talk to a coach or get better sleep. 

Child Care

Many caregivers may not have their normal child care providers available to them during Covid-19. Find resources here to help you find or supplement your childcare needs.

Educational Resources

With many schools in virtual- or hybrid-mode, many caregivers need additional help with schooling at home. Find everything from tutors to help supplement your child's learning to how to set up your own homeschool.

Field Trips

Being stuck in the house doesn't mean you can't explore new places. Check out these virtual field trip options that will take you throughout Atlanta all the way to outer space!

Game Night

Try some of these virtual games with your friends, family or framily. Don't forget the old-fashion board games for your family at home.

Good Eats

Being a chef on top of your day job is hard work! Take some of the guess work out of meal planning with these easy meal ideas and tips to make cooking one less thing to worry about.

Keep Moving

Keeping an exercise routine while being socially distant may be difficult, but it's not impossible! Find virtual and in-person options for both parents and kids!

Social Media Connections

Connect with like-minded individuals and the most important people in your life. Join targeted groups and make use of relevant apps to make contact that matters the most. 

Stay Organized

Working from home while with children who are virtual learning can be a lot. Between meetings, playing chef, and IT support it can get hectic! Learn how to stay organized amidst the chaos.