Understanding the Strategic Alignment Process

Here you will find answers about who needs to use the Strategic Alignment Process, what happens along the way, and who is involved in the review. We've outlined the steps, participants, and provided answers to the most frequently asked questions.

When is the Critical Hire Process Required?

Critical Hire Requirements

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Who Participates in the Process?

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. What positions require the Strategic Aligment process?


Full-time (30+ hours) Staff and Administrator with Faculty Status positions with an anticipated or budgeted salary great than $100,000 OR have been vacant for over 12 months will require a Critical Hire Justification. 
Note: 100% grant funded positions are exempt.


2. I have Critical Hire applications submitted via the USG process. Will I have to resubmit the CHJ for the Strategic Alignment process?

No, if your position meets the Strategic Alignment process criteria, it will be processed via the new workflow. No additional CHJ is needed.

3. Are hourly (bi-weekly) positions included in the process?

Yes, if the annualized hourly rate will exceed the salary amount of $100,000 or has been vacant for more than 12 months, the position must follow the Strategic Alignment process.

4. What type of documentation is required for justification?

Include data metrics to support the critical need of the position and how it supports the Institute Strategic Plan. If the position has been vacant for over 12 months, explain why the interim solution is no longer sustainable.

5. Are approved Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR) plan positions subject to the Strategic Alignment process?

Yes, any newly created full-time Staff or Administrator with Faculty Status positions with salaries $100,000 or great are subject to the Strategic Alignment process, including any positions supporting an approved CAR plan.

6. How will I receive Approval/Denial notice?

You will be notified via email when your position has been approved or denied.

7. How will I know the current stage in the process of my justification?

Hiring Managers and the HR Professional who submitted the Critical Hire justification will be notified via email of milestone steps: submission, request for more information, hold, approval and denial. You can also monitor the status via the Critical Hire Service Desk under My Requests.

8. My CHJ status stays on hold. What does that mean?

If your CHJ status is on hold, it means a Reviewer is waiting for additional information. The CHJ is not approved or denied yet because a decision will be made at a later point.

9. My CHJ status says open. What does that mean?

If your CHJ status is open, it means the HR Representative has the CHJ open for edits. This status will appear prior to initial submission or when a CHJ is sent back for revisions. 

10. Do interim or acting appointments require the Strategic Alignment process?

As a temporary position, interim and acting appointments do not require approval. However, to permanently hire an individual into a position that meets the Strategic Alignment criteria, it must go through the process.

11. The final agreed upon salary amount with the candidate is higher than the approved amount. Do I need to resubmit?

If the final salary amount is more than 10% increase of the approved amount, additional approval is needed.

12. Do I need to submit a CHJ if the budget or anticipated salary is exactly $100,000?

Yes, you will need to submit a CHJ via the Strategic Alignment process.

13. The anticipated salary was below $100,000, but the final negotiated amount is over $100,000. Do I need to submit a CHJ prior to hiring?

If the final salary amount will be $100,000 or above, you will need to submit a CHJ prior to hiring.