Student Hiring Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I hire my student as a GRA/GTA concurrently?

No, you cannot hire a student as a GRA/GTA concurrently because it will overcalculate tuition remission. However, you may hire a student concurrently as a GA (i.e. GRA/GA or GTA/GA)

2. Can I hire my student for the entire academic year or must I hire them one semeseter at a time?

If there is a good chance your student will work for both semesters, you may proceed with hiring them for the entire year rather than each term individually. However, should your student stop working for your department at any time, please terminate them immediately in OneUSG Connect. They will not be able to be hired by another department until their employment is terminated for your department.

3. My student is taking a full course load. Can they work more than 20 hours?

No, students taking a half-time+ course load are limited to 20 hours/week because their primary purpose is being a student. If your student is taking a reduced course load (less than half-time), they can work 40 hours. However, their pay code will need to be updated to 03C because they will no longer be eligible for student tax exemptions.

4. What is the earliest my newly enrolled student can be working for the semester under a student paygroup?

The first day that a newly enrolled student can work in a student paygroup is the first day of the pay period that includes the start of classes. For monthly student employees, that will be the 1st day of the month. For bi-weekly student employees, you will need to check the payroll calendar to see when the pay period begins that includes the start date of classes.

5. My student is taking a reduced course load this semester, which means they are no longer eligible for student tax exemptions and now must pay FICA and GDCP taxes. What is FICA and GDCP?

FICA ("Federal Insurance Contributions Act") refers to payroll taxes withheld from salaries that fund the U.S. Social Security and Medicare programs. If the student is required to pay FICA taxes, the Medicare contribution is identified as “Fed MED/EE” and the Social Security contribution is identified as “Fed OASDI/EE” on their GT paycheck. The Medicare contribution is 1.45% of their taxable income and the student employee’s share of the Social Security payroll tax is currently 6.2% of their taxable income.

GDCP (Georgia Defined Contribution Plan) is 7.5% of gross salary and can be reimbursed by the state after the employee leaves 03C pay group (either by going back to 03T or terminating employment). 

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Student Employee Types


These students are considered Student Assistants. They can perform many jobs within your office such as clerical support, web development, etc.

Graduate Student


These employees can be categorized as:
Graduate Research Assitants (GRAs)
Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs)
Graduate Assistants (GAs)
Student Assitants 

GRAs and GTAs are typically hired by the graduate schools to perform assistantships that are related with the student’s degree. Graduate Assistants and Student Assistants can be hired to perform tasks within your department such as clerical support, web development, etc.
More information regarding appointment of and approvals for hiring GRAsGTAs and GAs can be obtained through the Graduate Studies Office and the Office of Academic Affairs.
Student Assistants


Federal Work Study (FWS

These positions are federal financial aid awards that allow students to earn money for educational expenses while also gaining valuable work experience. Note that FWS students cannot be employed in multiple jobs while in a FWS position. 

Students will need to be assigned a non-FWS category if: 

  • They were offered a FWS award and declined it 
  • All of the award funding for academic year has been received 
  • Award period has ended 

For additional information on how to apply for an award or obtain a FWS position on campus, visit the FWS website

International Students

Students with a F-1 or J-1 visa are eligible to work anywhere on campus as student employees. They will need to maintain a full course load and can work no more than 20 hours per week during the term. For more information, contact Global HR.

Other Types

Visiting Research



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