Staff Hiring Process

Whether you're a manager trying to follow the staff hiring process or an ambitious candidate try to stay on top of the process, this page outlines Georgia Tech's process and answers frequently asked questions. The Georgia Tech Human Resource's Talent Acquisition team has provided answers to commonly asked questions about the hiring process, but please note, this does not include unit-specific hiring information.

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Background Checks

Need a background check? Learn about background screening here or the process here. Note, positions managing a P-Card must undergo a credit check — request one with this Background Request Form

Hiring Process for Managers

Phase 1: Add/Change Position
  1. Prior to backfilling an existing position or creating a new position, Managers should work with all necessary stakeholders (e.g. department HR, department Finance, team members, leadership, Position Management, Compensation) to conduct an analysis of the department structure, funding source, and the need for - and responsibilities of - the position in question.
  2. If the position requires updaates to the job description/structure/salary the department should work with Compensation to make revisions. 
  3. In order to update a position to reflect new data, Managers should select the Manage Positions Tile from Manager Self Service in OneUSG Connect.
  4. Select Add/Change Position. (Add/Change position in OneUSG replaces legacy position request forms, add/change forms, and job evaluation forms)

  5. Transactions will advance through the approval chain.

  6. Managers can view the status of Add/Change Position transactions at any time in View Request History.


  7. After an Add/Change request is approved, a Position Number will be generated.

  8. New positions that require no change can be cloned from an existing position to generate a new, unique Position Number.


Phase 2: Create a Job Opening
  1. Managers should select the Create Job Opening Tile in Manager Self Service
  2. Managers can create a Job Opening by searching and selecting, or keying in, a Position Number; when you select a Position Number, the remaining fields will populate automatically based on the data tied to the position.

  3. Managers should complete the pages for Job Details, Questionaire, Job Posting, Required Attachments, and Hiring Team; many fields will be automatically populated with data tied to the Position Number. You can Save as a Draft at any time.

    NOTE: Enter the Hiring Team information first.  This action will ensure that if the draft is lost, it may be easily located. 

  4. Selecting Save and Submit will put the Job Opening into the approval chain; when a position achieves final approval it will be automatically posted to the Georgia Tech Careers website and visible to applicants.

  5. Managers and Initiators can view the status of a Job Opening transaction any time under the Approvals tab.


Phase 3: Manage Applicants
  1. To Manage Applicants, a Manager should navigate to the Open Jobs Tile in Manager Self Service (MSS).


  2. On the Open Jobs landing page, select a job to begin managing applicants.

  3. Managers can access an applicant’s Resume or full Application Packet by selecting either icon.

  4. Managers can disposition candidates and advance candidates to the Interview tab and schedule interviews, as well as advance candidates to the Offer tab, while Search Committee members can only view applicants and materials.

  5. Once a Manager and/or Search Committee determines their preferred candidate, please communicate with your department Human Resources professional and your Talent Acquisition Consultant.

Phase 4: Prepare and Extend an Offer
  1. To prepare a Job Offer, a Manager should, from the Interview tab or Hold tab, select Other Actions>Recruiting Actions>Prepare Job Offer; this will move the candidate to the Offer tab.​
  2. Managers should include annual salary/hourly rate and other compensation components (e.g. relocation compensation), if applicable, as well as the offer date, offer expiration date and start date; take care to ensure that all data is entered correctly and complies with USG and Georgia Tech policy.

  3. Select Submit for Approval to send the Job Offer into the approval chain.

  4. Managers can view the status of a Job Offer any time in the Approvals tab

  5. When a Job Offer achieves final approval, Talent Acquisition will generate an official Offer Letter.

  6. Offer Letters can be sent to candidates by the Department, Talent Acquisition or through Careers; communicate with your Talent Acquisition consultant in advance to determine how you would like to send offer letters to preferred candidates.

  7. Candidates can accept or deny their offer verbally or in writing to the Department or Talent Acquisition, or candidates can accept/deny an offer inside Careers; accepting an offer in Careers automatically updates the applicant’s disposition to Prepare for Hire. Verbal or written acceptance/denial requires Talent Acquisition to manually update the candidate’s disposition to Prepare for Hire.

Phase 5: Prepare for Hire - Background Screening and On-Boarding
  1. Talent Acquisition consultants will verify Employee IDs (for internal promotions/demotions and rehires), initiate Background Screenings, then generate Onboarding Packets electronically within OneUSG Connect and Careers.
  2. Once a new hire has successfully passed the Background Screening and completed the Onboarding Packet, their disposition will update to Ready for Hire.
  3. Talent Acquisition hands off Ready to Hires to Workforce Administration.
  4. Workforce Administration generates employee records, GT Account usernames and temporary passwords, security-based accesses, etc.
  5. The candidate is now ready to begin work on their start date.
Phase 6: Additional Department Responsibilities
  1. Following a successful hire, it is the Manager’s responsibility to disposition all remaining applicants. 
  2. Managers and/or Department HR professionals should ensure that new employees report to the central Human Resources office to complete the in-person I-9 verification within 2 weeks of their start date. 
  3. If a new hire does not report for their first day of work; notify Workforce Administration promptly to terminate access to any proprietary systems.​

Staff Hiring Process FAQS


How do I decide the right interview questions to ask? Is there a standard?
Developing effective interview questions is the key to a successful employment interview. Interview questions should be based on the requirements, skills, and competencies necessary to perform the job. Work with your Talent Consultant during the recruiting consultation to identify key competencies for the position. Using the key competencies, your Talent Consultant can assist with developing behavioral questions. Behavioral interviewing questions are designed to gain insight into an applicant's qualities and characteristics, as evidenced by past behaviors.

What approvals are needed to complete a hire? 
The Hiring Manager will need to include the department HR Business Partner/Representative and Talent Consultant to the approval chain to post a position in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Careers. The Hiring Manager and department HR BP/Rep will need to approve all offers within salary guidelines. The Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) compensation staff will need to review all offer exceptions for approval consideration.

How do managers ensure a consultation happens?
Once you have determined that you have an opening, engage your department HR BP/Rep and Talent Consultant to set up a recruiting consultation.


Are there multiple ways to advertise a position?
Yes. During your recruitment consultation, you should review job advertising options with your Talent Consultant. A job posting may be posted Georgia Tech Career site, Higher Ed Jobs, LinkedIn, and Applicant Clearinghouse depending on availability. Other specialties and major job boards are available to post positions depending on the hiring department funding.

Does the hiring manager have the ability to make decisions on what methods are used?
Yes, your Talent Consultant will work with you to guide you through the external job posting process. 

How can we best source candidates to get robust and diverse pools?
Meet with your Talent Consultant to discuss a diverse sourcing strategy. Your Talent Consultant will identify diverse recruiting sources such as diversity job board, networking groups, and professional organizations to advertise your job opening. 

What role do skills testing play in recruitment?
 Your Talent Consultant will review our skills assessment vendor catalog with you. Our assessment vendor has hundreds of assessments available based on skills. Your Talent Consultant can assist you with selecting the most appropriate assessment and review cost information. 

Create the Requisition

Is there any training for Careers?
Yes, contact your Talent Consultant to schedule a Careers Training session.

What filters/criteria, beyond those provided, are used when setting up the posting?
The Talent Consultants will review the job description, basic requirements, and pre-screening questions to determine if an applicant meets the basic qualifications for a position. No additional criteria are used beyond what’s provided when setting up the job posting.

Can salary ranges be added to the job description?
Yes. The Hiring Manager has the option to include the salary in the job posting.

How long does the requisition stay open?
All job postings for staff positions are posted for a minimum of five (5) business days.

Review Resumes

How does the system decide what words match and are accepted from the candidates' application?
The Talent Consultant reviews the applicant's resume, application and responses to the pre-screening questions to determine if a candidate meets the basic qualifications for a position.

How do human resources individuals determine what resumes to send to hiring managers?
The Talent Consultant moves applicants forward in the process if they meet the basic qualifications outlined in the job description. Hiring Managers may only request to see applicants who meet preferred qualifications. The resume review process should be discussed during the recruitment consultation with the Talent Consultant.

What additional tools can a hiring manager use when screening applicants? 
The Hiring Manager should use preferred qualifications, review applicants pre-screening responses, and candidate questionnaires. Work with your Talent Consultant to identify key competencies to develop questionnaires to send to applicants. 

Interview and Selections

What is the process for communicating with candidates who were not selected?
The Talent Consultant will send rejection emails to all non-selected candidates after the position closes and the selected candidate has been hired.

Is there a need to compile and retain interview data, selection/non-selection comments, scoring, etc. and if so what is the retention period for such? 
Recruiting, interviewing, and hiring data should be retained for a minimum of three years.

The Offer

What are the steps to get an offer letter to a qualified candidate and is there anything we can do to speed up the process?

After the Talent Consultant receives the offer details, they will generate the offer letter within 24 to 48 hours. All salary exceptions should be sent to GTHR compensation for review and approval before an offer letter is generated.

Background Screening

What background checks are required?
All positions require a Standard Criminal Background Screening which consists of Federal Criminal Record Search, State Criminal Record Search, Sexual Predator Search, National SS# Trace/Verification, and Criminal County Search. Additional background screenings are available based on the job responsibilities.

What are the types of screenings checks?
Standard New Hire Background Check, National Criminal Record Search, Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Search, Credit Report, Education Verification, Professional Licensure/Certification Verification, Drug/Alcohol Test

What is the turnaround time on credit checks and the overall background check process?
The overall background screening process will vary based on types of screenings and information provided by the candidate. Most background screening results are received within 3-5 business days.

Can the hiring manager have access to background check information detail? 
No, all background check information is confidential and not shared.

Are internal candidates subject to background checks as well?
Yes, a background check must be performed on any existing employee being transferred, reassigned, reclassified, or promoted to a new position, unless the employee has had a background investigation within the past year.

What causes a delay in a background screening?
There are many reasons why there are delays in the background screening process, such as untimely receipt of the candidate background documents, international education verification, discrepancies in the information the candidate provided and the results and manual searches.

Hire & Onboard

Can an employee start the job earlier than the start date listed in Careers?

Yes, if the candidate has cleared the background screening process.