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GT Community Support Network

This group is meant as a community resource for Georgia Tech faculty, students, and staff, many of whom are struggling right now with work-life balance and stress due to hardships associated with the coronavirus pandemic and economic recession. The problem is particularly acute in the case of working parents facing school closures or limited daycare options for young children. We hope that this Facebook group will be a place where the Georgia Tech community can come together to share ideas, pool resources, and provide employment and volunteer opportunities to colleagues and co-workers facing similar challenges.


Kirkwood Quaranteams

A place for residents of Kirkwood (Atlanta) and adjacent communities to meet their potential quaranteam matches. Use this group to find others whose social distancing practices match yours to form quarantine pods ("quaranteams") for play-groups, nanny shares, mini-schools, grownup hangouts, or whatever arrangement suits your needs.

Microsoft Teams

GT Resources for Working From Home Parents

The group was started by the Associate Deans of Faculty Development in the Colleges of Sciences, Engineering, and Computing at Georgia Tech, but is not officially affiliated with Georgia Tech. The administrators of this group will do our best to moderate the discussion here and keep it in line with the mission of the support network. We take no responsibility for arrangements and communications made through this forum.

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