At Georgia Tech, we want everyone to achieve their potential and this means sustaining an environment where there is equal opportunity for excellence. Title IX is a federal law designed to ensure women and men are provided equal access to programs and activities at educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance. Our policies and practices are anchored in this law, which fosters a culture of inclusivity on campus and provides everyone with a competitive and successful academic or employment experience. 

Every member of the Tech community -- students, faculty, staff, and administrators -- is expected to comply with Title IX and to practice respectful, ethical, and equitable treatment of others regardless of their sex. Understanding Title IX and the rights it protects is critical to preventing any discriminatory behavior in violation of the federal law. Examples of areas covered under Title IX include, but are not limited to:

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  • Academics
  • Admissions
  • Athletics
  • Benefits
  • Employment/compensation
  • Housing
  • Pregnancy/childcare
  • Recruitment
  • Sexual harassment

Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972

"No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."

Equity and inclusivity . . .

  • Start with understanding and upholding the Title IX law
  • Are essential for individual achievements in the academic or work environment
  • Are fundamental in demonstrating Georgia Tech’s organizational commitments to diversity

Highlights of Tech’s Promising Practices

  • Commitment to diversity by institutional leadership – Georgia Tech Strategic Plan and Cabinet-level Vice President for Institute Diversity
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities among faculty, students, staff, and alumni resource groups and professional organizations
  • Guidelines for developing search committees and search processes that require inclusion of diverse high-quality talent
  • The Women’s Resource Center
  • Female role models in a variety of jobs and disciplines
  • Extensive outreach and monitoring of K-12 programs

Georgia Tech is a global community that values everyone’s contributions, and Title IX is only one of the equal opportunity laws it supports.

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Director of Compliance

Georgia Tech has a director of compliance who serves as a resource for the Tech community and helps shape campus assessments and policies. The director is supported by an advisory committee of campus leaders and students who assist in the identification of initiatives and assessment. Questions about the federal law as it relates to Georgia Tech should be directed to the director. Any alleged violations of Title IX or grievances should be reported immediately and will be treated in as confidential a manner as permitted under the law.

For questions or assistance with dispute resolution, contact:

Alexis Martinez
Interim Title IX Coordinator
500 10th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30332-0620
404-317-2270 |