Reorganizing Teams and Departments (DRAFT)


As work changes with new projects, technology upgrades, or revised business operations, the responsibility of positions and teams may also change. In these cases, a team or department may need to be reorganized.

The Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) strives to align organizational structure and talent with business strategy. We are committed to providing stable and secure working environments for all Georgia Tech employees.

The Reorganization Committee reviews requests for consistency, compliance with policy and law, and alignment with Institute-wide priorities and strategy. The Reorganization Committee provides recommendations to the associate vice president for human resources.

What does it mean to reorganize?

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How do I know if we should reorganize?

Reorganizing a team or department is a delicate decision that should not be made by a single manager or department leader. What may seem like a small shift for a single team can set a precedent for how the Institute manages change. Additionally, there are also a series of compensation, legal, and employee relations considerations.

If you, as a manager, feel a reorganization may be necessary, you must begin by outlining the Business Case.

If you are unsure if reorganizing is the right solution, consult your Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) or HR-Representative. A promotion, reclassification, training, or performance improvement plan may be more appropriate. Your HRBP/HR-Representative is a resource who will partner with you to make the correct determination for your team’s unique circumstance(s).


Steps in the Reorganization Process

Step 1. Consult with your HR Business Partner or Representative

Your HRBP or HR-Representative will review your initial ideas for reorganizing and identify any challenges or risks. Together, you’ll build a business case which meets the criteria for a reorganization and identifies any risks to be mitigated.

Step 2. Outline the Business Case by describing:

  1. The current business operations of your team or department;
  2. The role of the impacted position(s) within the operation of the unit; The impact this change may have on other positions within the unit.
  3. What you seek to accomplish by reorganizing your team
  4. Provide a brief description of how both the unit or department and Georgia Tech are favorably impacted by these actions. Please include any Institute-wide initiatives the requested actions are supporting. 


Step 3. Detail the Impact of the Reorganization. 

  1. If the reorganization will result in position(s) being reclassified or new positions being created, include the proposed new job title(s).
  2. If the reorganization will result in an employee’s percentage of time being changed, elaborate on the rationale.
  3. If the proposed action is related to a changes in funding or budget restrictions, describe the actions the unit has taken up to this point to respond to these changes (services, programs or events eliminated, unfilled positions in unit, reductions in travel, etc.).
  4. If the reorganization will result in a reduction of force.

Step 4. Prepare the Required Forms

Your HRBP or HR-Representative will identify which forms you will need to submit. This will create a custom packet. At this time, there is not a single reorganizing request packet because each scenario is different. You will need to provide some combination of the forms below:

  • Timeframe
  • Reasons for reorganization recommendation
  • Before and after organization charts
  • Names and titles of employees to be affected by changed or eliminated jobs, new reporting lines, physical relocation or reduction in time
  • Review of affirmative action impact
  • Order of potential layoffs for career positions based on seniority or expertise
  • A communication plan with all impacted stakeholders

Step 5. Submit Your Forms

Email your forms to Ensure each form is in the required format and all signatures are included.

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What Happens After I Submit My Packet?

  1. You will receive notification of receipt from your Compensation Consultant.
    1. A Georgia Tech Human Resources Compensation Consultant [description of the role they perform].
  2. Your packet will be reviewed and additional information may be requested.
  3. Once all initial information is confirmed, your reorganization suggestion will be scheduled for review by Georgia Tech’s Reorganization Committee.
    1. This Committee is a cross-department team designed to support the Institute’s organizational strategy and mitigate risk. It is formed by representatives from GTHR, Faculty Affairs and Legal Affairs.
  4. In most cases, you will be invited to present your business case to the committee.
  5. The committee will review the reorganization suggestion, investigate potential risks and recommend possible outcomes.
  6. If you chose to move forward with a recommended outcome, your HRBP or HR-Representative will initiate next steps to implement the recommendations.