Reorganizing Teams and Departments

Georgia Tech strives to align organizational structure and talent with business strategy.  Georgia Tech is also committed to providing a stable and secure working environment for all Georgia Tech employees.

An organization’s structure enables it to achieve its strategic goals. A well-designed organizational structure allows employees to contribute their unique talents to achieve a shared mission. As new initiatives, projects, or technology impact day-to-day operations it may be necessary to evolve your organizational structure to meet your current needs.

Reorganizations are a collaborative partnership between leaders, HR professionals, and Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR). The reorganization process supports leaders as they seek to align their organizations to achieve strategic objectives. GTHR provides a people-centered, future-facing lens that allows leaders to receive guidance and support in pursuing an effective, timely, and informed reorganization. The reorganization process provides leaders with the information they need to make fully-informed final decisions on changes to their organization so they can move forward with peace of mind.


Reorgs will be guided by the Institute Strategic Plan, Georgia Tech’s mission, and our values


The process celebrates collaboration between unit leaders, HR professionals, and GTHR. This partnership allows units to receive expert guidance that rooted in best practice, considers impact to people, ensures compliance, and is timely.

The process is straight-forward and provides visibility to leadership throughout.

Reorganizations Overview

Learn what is considered a reorganization and the process for reorganization.

Tool Kit for HR Professionals

Essential tools for HR to ensure an effective and efficient reorganization process.  

Organizational Design Overview

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RIF Overview

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Tool Kit for Leaders

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