Reorganizing Teams and Departments

Georgia Institute of Technology (“Georgia Tech”) strives to align organizational structure and talent with business strategy.  Georgia Tech is also committed to providing a stable and secure working environment for all Georgia Tech employees.

An organization’s structure enables it to achieve its strategic goals. A well-designed organizational structure allows employees to contribute their unique talents to achieve a shared mission. As new initiatives, projects, or technology impact day-to-day operations it may be necessary to evolve your organizational structure to meet your current needs.

GTHR will partner with leaders to design the best organizational structure to support the Institute's business needs. 

In December 2019, Governor Kemp's Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) asked all state agencies to implement a Critical Hire Justification process. Details pertinent to Georgia Tech can be found here. 

Understanding Reorganizations

  • What is considered a “reorg?”
  • What are the policies associated with Reorganizations and RIFs?
  • What is the purpose of the reorganization policy and process?


Understanding the Reorganization Process

  • What is the reorg process?
  • How do I submit a reorg request?
  • Who reviews reorg requests?

Tool Kit for HR Professionals

The following information is essential to make sure the reorganization process runs as smoothly as possible.