Remote Onboarding


The purpose of this guide is to provide managers with tools they can use to onboard and manage their new hires while working remotely. We are currently facing unique challenges in the workplace, so it is critical that we continue to support and manage all new hires as normally and consistently as possible as they join the Georgia Tech community.

If you are going to be working remotely outside the metro-Atlanta* and are therefore unable to visit GTHR in-person, you can use a notary to finish onboarding.  (Note: This is only an option if you are located within the United States.)

After completing the online Student Hire packet in the USG Employment Center (linked to from “donotreply@equifax...” email), instead of making an appointment at GTHR, here are the steps to complete onboarding:

  1. Find a notary in your area.
    • Tip: banks, post offices, and UPS/FedEx outlets often have notaries on staff – call ahead to confirm.
  2. Have notary verify your identity (for I-9, section 2) AND witness your signing of the Security Questionnaire (in two places):
    • Review the list of acceptable documents for identity verification:
    • Bring original acceptable identity documents and photocopies (if your notary does not have access to a copier) to a notary
    • Have copies of your identity documents notarized. Please note: notary rules vary across states;  if a notary in your state will not notarize a driver’s license, they usually will notarize your written and signed statement certifying that it is your license (written on the copy of the license.)
    • Attached is the Security Questionnaire that needs to be printed. The employee needs to sign, while witnessed by the notary, at both the top and bottom of the second page and then both spots should be notarized. 
  3. Mail in the notarized copies (the identity document photocopies and the signed and witnessed Security Questionnaire) to: 

*Metro-Atlanta area is Fulton County and immediate surrounding counties.