Tax Resources

Need help withholding taxes? Below are tax forms and helpful resources.

Federal Tax Withholding
State Tax Withholding
  • State of Georgia G-4
    The State of Georgia does not support electronic changes to the G-4 State Tax Withholding form. To make changes to your G-4, print and complete the form and submit it to Payroll. 
  • State Tax Forms
    Simply click on the state, download the State Tax Form and submit it to Payroll - Mail Code 0435.
  • Federal Tax Withholding Calculator
  • Understanding Your W2
  • Notes:
    Georgia Tech is not registered in every state. Income tax is withheld in the state where you live and work. If you have questions concerning our tax registration, please contact or call Payroll at 404-894-4614.

    The State of Georgia does not have reciprocal agreements with any states. If you are working in Georgia, we must withhold Georgia income tax. If you are a resident of Tennessee, where there is no state income tax, you are mandated by law to pay Georgia income tax.​