Pay Week Change

The pay week is changing — are you prepared?

All USG institutions must have the same pay period by January 2020. The biweekly pay period is shifting from Thursday through Wednesday to Sunday to Saturday in May 2019. To make this adjustment, there will be a one-time change in pay dates that will be impactful for you. You will be paid for every day you work during this transition. The targeted shift will occur May 9–18, 2019. 

Top 10 Facts

The biweekly pay period is shifting from Thursday through Wednesday to Sunday to Saturday in May 2019.


The timing of this move will be impactful, employees will be paid for every day worked.


May 17 will be the last payday on the normal schedule.



You'll get paid again on May 24 (a week earlier than usual) but then not again until June 7 (a week later than usual)


The May 24 paycheck will be for fewer days, so it will likely be smaller than a normal paycheck. 



We recommend you review on your check and plan ahead bills or deductions that usually happen the first week of June. 


You can set money aside each month to prepare, using the Employee Savings Plan with GTHR Payroll.


You can get free financial counseling through the Georgia Tech Employee Assistance Program.


You can get reminders, updates, and tips by signing up for the newsletter.


Georgia Tech Human Resources is here to help you through this transition. 



Savings Plan

Benefits-eligible employees can set aside money from now through May 2019. The accumulated balance will be added back to your paycheck on May 24, 2019, to help offset the impact of the Pay Week Change.

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