Update: Additional Options for Covid-19 Home Tests

We wanted to make you aware of some options available to obtain over-the-counter (OTC) Covid-19 tests at no or low cost to you:  

  1. The federal government has launched a Covid-19 OTC Tests website for online ordering. This site allows each household to order up to four free Covid-19 tests.  

  2. Online or over-the-counter tests are also available through the University System of Georgia (USG) Healthcare plan without a prescription. As a member, you can receive up to eight tests per 30-day period. Below are instructions for how to obtain the tests based on your healthcare plan.  

Consumer Choice HSA, Comprehensive Care, or BlueChoice HMO 
For employees enrolled in the Consumer Choice HSA, Comprehensive Care, or BlueChoice HMO plans, tests are available through in-network pharmacies at no cost, if they are purchased through one of the following options:  

  • Order online through CVS’s Member Website or the CVS Mobile App. Covered tests will be available within the hour, at the location with available test kits.  
  • At an in-network pharmacy location. Covered tests must be purchased at the pharmacy counter.  

If you paid out-of-pocket, you may request reimbursement through the CVS website.  Members who choose this option will be reimbursed up to $12 per test up to the eight tests per 30-day limit. 

For questions or assistance submitting a reimbursement request, call Accolade at 866-204-9818. 
Kaiser Permanente 
For Kaiser plan members, go to the Kaiser website for information on where to obtain the tests and how to submit them for reimbursement.  

For more information about the types of tests available and in-person testing sites, visit the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) website.    

Information is also available on the USG Benefits website at: benefits.usg.edu


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