Preparing for Institute Holidays: Compressed Work Week

If your unit is considering an early dismissal around the holidays, please utilize a compressed workweek. 

Compressed workweeks are alternative work arrangements where a standard workweek is reduced to fewer than five days, and employees make up the full number of hours per week by working longer hours. 

How do I implement a compressed workweek?
The supervisor/department head should ensure that other employees in the same unit/department understand the purpose of a compressed workweek. 

If more employees request compressed workweek schedule arrangements than a unit/department can reasonably manage, the supervisor/department head shall respond to requests that are consistent with these guidelines in ways that are equitable to all employees and in the best interest of the Institute.

Compressed workweek hours should be accurately reported for non-exempt (biweekly paid) employees on their timesheets. Although exempt employees (monthly paid) do not report hours worked, supervisors should ensure that any compressed schedules are flexed within December's monthly pay period.


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We recommend a quick note to your team, as a courtesy, reminding them that leave must be requested and approved for any absences in OneUSG Connect