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Connecting Tech to OneUSG Part 3/4

You may have noticed a buzz on campus: change is in the air. The way we manage Human Resources transactions at Georgia Tech is going to change. 

If you’ve followed this series, you are now familiar with Georgia Tech’s governing body (the University System of Georgia or USG), its initiative for improved consistencies among its 26 member institutions (OneUSG), and the term Human Capital Management (HCM).  

If any of these terms mean nothing to you, take a few minutes to read part 1 and part 2

In 2017, Georgia Tech entered the third and final phase of the OneUSG transition impacting its Human Capital Management processes and systems. In short, the way we have been doing business will change. Steps in our standard operating business procedures will be different.

At the end of this year, the Institute will transition to a new HCM platform, OneUSG Connect.  

This transformation will impact every department at every level within Georgia Tech: faculty, staff, student employees, affiliates, Tech Temps, and contracted workers. When fully realized, Georgia Tech will use OneUSG Connect to manage all HR transactions from recruiting and onboarding to retirements and terminations. 

By 2020, all USG institutions will use one HR information system. The data for all schools will be housed in a single, centralized location with each member school accessing only its own information. 

Bringing all of Georgia Tech’s HR data into the new system is complicated.  

For years many USG institutions have collected, organized, and retained HR data in different ways. To enter the OneUSG system, every member school must adapt their systems and processes related to collecting, organizing, and retaining HR data. 

This transition will impact a wide range of everyday systems and processes you or your direct reports use, such as: 

  • Where and how you record your time 

  • How we apply for jobs and recruit/hire  

  • How you view and manage personnel information 

  • How you accrue vacation and sick leave  

Over the next few months, many of our processes, deadlines, and systems will be optimized/streamlined and aligned with the USG platform. For example, we are currently preparing to change the biweekly pay week schedule in order to integrate with the new payroll system. We are also transitioning to the USG vendor used to conduct background checks. 

What do you need to do now? Visit to walk through all of the components of this transition. 


This article is the third in a four-part series titled Connecting Tech to OneUSG. 

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