OneUSG — I’ve Heard of That, But What Is HCM?

Connecting Tech to OneUSG Part 2/4

Administrative changes often seem like background noise…a persistent hum of tweaks, here and there that never seems to impact you directly. And then one day, all of sudden, something is not the way it was. You’re probably frustrated and confused and now something is going to be late.  

We get it.  

So Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) partnered with Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) to run this four-part series to prepare you for some changes. These changes will affect you, either directly or indirectly, through your manager, coworkers, or direct reports.  

Background: To understand the upcoming system and process changes, you need to be familiar with OneUSG (if you missed the first part of this series, spend a few minutes catching up here).  

As a quick reminder, OneUSG is an initiative to better unite the 26 institutions that make up the University System of Georgia (USG) and was established by the leadership of the USG.  

An initial priority of OneUSG is Human Capital Management (HCM).  

HCM is the set of practices for recruiting, managing, developing and optimizing the human resources of an organization.  

Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) is primarily responsible for HCM at Tech. 

The OneUSG HCM changes have three phases spanning 2014 to 2020: 

  1. One Benefits Platform (2014 to 2016): Condense 100+ benefit vendors among the 26 institutions. The phase is complete. If you’ve been at Tech for three or more years, you might have noticed changes in the vendors providing your health and wellness benefits. COMPLETED

  2. Benefits Administration Transition (2016 to 2017): All employee health and wellness benefits are managed by the same third-party vendor. This phase is complete and brought you the OneUSG Connect – Benefits portalCOMPLETED

  3. HR Transformation (2017 to 2020): Streamlines Georgia Tech’s HR system with the University System of Georgia OneUSG Connect initiative. All institutions will use one HR information system. All USG data will be housed in a single, centralized location, with each member school in the USG accessing only its own information. CURRENTLY IN PROGRESS. 

The third phase is complex and includes business process changes most impactful to employees.  

What do you need to do now? Read the next article to learn about upcoming OneUSG changes and how they will impact you. 


This article is the second in a four-part series titled Connecting Tech to OneUSG. 

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