Georgia Tech Human Resources Launches Social Media Accounts to Promote Employer Brand

With the job market more competitive than ever, Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) is launching social media accounts dedicated to improving the employer brand for staff positions in the Administration & Finance Division, and ultimately expanding to the whole Institute.  

“As part of the AdminX strategic plan initiative, we are undergoing an organizational transformation in GTHR,” said Skye Duckett, Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer. “This transformation includes new services being added to the Institute, particularly roles focused on recruitment and employer branding.” 

Research shows the majority of employees will consider changing jobs without a salary increase if the prospective new employer has a great reputation. In a candidate-driven marketplace, it is up to companies to maintain a strong employer brand image, provide greater benefits, and employee value propositions (EVPs) - rather than just a high salary.  

Employer branding can attract future employees and be useful to retain current employees. Leveraging social media as a resource is one way to influence and narrate the values associated with being an employee of the Institute.  

“Social media will also give Tech the advantage of engaging with passive candidates, or those who are not actively applying for jobs but might consider a change,” said Taylor Goodson, Employment Brand Manager.  

How GTHR is Expanding Employer Brand Services 

“In a very simplified way, our approach is to meet and engage with people where they are,” said Goodson.   

Last year, more than 80% of job seekers utilized social media in their job search. Top priorities include for the social media accounts are:  

  • increasing awareness and reaching a broader applicant pool for vacant staff positions at the Institute, 
  • developing a consistent and recognizable employer brand, 
  • sharing the stories of “Life at Georgia Tech” (Including recognition, new employees, employees engaging at work, etc.), 
  • showcasing the “behind the scenes” of employees at work, including spotlights of employee takeovers, unique workspaces and many more, and 
  • highlighting the “perks” and EVPs of being a Georgia Tech employee. 

What to Expect 

On September 22, the first day of fall, GTHR launched Tech’s first recruitment-themed campaign titled “Fall in Love with Georgia Tech.” This strategy was designed to set the tone of GTHR’s foray into social media by providing a campaign centered around the many reasons to “L.O.V.E.” Georgia Tech. Key components of this initial launch include: 

  • boosting hard to fill vacancies on social media, 
  • national appreciation day acknowledgement initiatives (e.g., Custodian Day, HR Professional Day, etc.), 
  • highlighting of unique opportunities for Georgia Tech employees, 
  • posts focused on our implementation of the 8 dimensions of wellness, and 
  • “Why I chose Georgia Tech” employee video series, among others. 

How You Can Help  

“Become a brand ambassador and honorary recruiter by engaging with us virtually! Please follow, retweet, share, and interact with our content on social media,” said Goodson.  

“The greater the following and engagement we receive, the bigger reach and impact we can make on our employer brand. Our employer brand begins with us!” 

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