Encouraging Support & Well-Being for All Employees

As we near one year of working amidst the pandemic, it’s important we recognize that many employees continue to feel fatigued and emotionally stressed. In addition to encouraging our employees to take time for themselves, focus on their well-being, and maintain boundaries, it's also a great opportunity to remind everyone of the tools and support mechanisms Georgia Tech Human Resources provides for all employees. 

As the greater-Atlanta school systems continue to vacillate between in-person and online instruction, we encourage employees and people leaders to regularly visit our Working through Covid-19 site for resources and fun-family suggestions as employees manage not only their work responsibilities, but facilitate instruction for their children. In addition, many Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide resources and supportive communities for employees coping during the pandemic. Employees can contact our Employee Engagement department receive more information about these opportunities and connect with campus leaders in these spaces.

GTHR Employee Engagement’s department provides resources that cover the spectrum of our five dimensions of well-being: Social, Emotional, Physical, Professional, and Spiritual. Employees can choose from a myriad of topics in our monthly Be Well series or peruse the many resources offered through the University System of Georgia (USG). The USG has also partnered with Kepro to provide a comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to Georgia Tech employees and their families. Not only does the EAP provide counseling services, employees can also find an abundance of work-life resources and training opportunities for employees and people leaders. Currently, only a small portion of our employees are taking advantage of this invaluable resource, so we encourage you to promote this serviceto your employees. 

During this time of transition, we recognize workplace disputes may arise. In addition to utilizing effective communication skills, contacting our Employee Relations team, or submitting a concern via EthicsPoint, employees can request assistance from the Georgia Tech Ombuds. The Georgia Tech Ombuds Office is an impartial entity that provides consultations for all Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and students seeking workplace problem solving resources. The Ombuds follows the guiding principles of confidentiality, neutrality, informality, and independence.


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