2018 Be Well Series Launches

Have you considered going back to school? Do you have a major work/life transition coming up? Are you trying to lead a healthier lifestyle in 2018?

Georgia Tech Human Resources (GTHR) provides resources and education on everything from tuition reimbursement to caring for aging parents in its year-long Be Well benefits and wellness education series. The new Be Well event calendar is available at ohr.gatech.edu/be-well and includes new topics, such as student loan forgiveness, and reimagines 2017 favorites, first-time home buying, deskercises, and cooking demonstrations.

Be Well workshops are free health, wellness, and benefits education classes open to all Georgia Tech employees. Offered year-round, they are designed to give employees tools to make smarter, healthier, and more informed decisions for their personal and professional lives.

All classes are taught by trained professionals in convenient locations around campus and usually last 1 hour. Register in advance at ohr.gatech.edu/be-well and download the six-month calendar.

January’s classes include:

  • Effective Tips to Quit Smoking (or other behaviors) | Jan. 11
  • Student Loan Forgiveness | Jan. 17
  • First-time Homebuyer | Jan. 24
  • Estate & Inheritance Planning | Jan. 30

Is there a topic you’d like to see this year? Suggest a topic here or email Candice Bovian,
Work-Life Specialist at Georgia Tech Human Resources.

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