MentorTech 2019: Testimonials

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"I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. She’s my mentor for life." 

The Workplace Learning & Professional Development team congratulates the 96 participants who dedicated over 800 hours between February and August to their professional partnerships. We thank you for your dedication to stay the course and invest your time and talents in each other. We hope your experience was both challenging and rewarding. You all are truly creating a legacy of leadership. New to the program this year, we also celebrate our Mentor of the Year, Alex Gutierrez and Mentee of the Year, Adrian Williams. Kudos to each of you for stretching your limits and your professional partner’s, and for being recognized by your peers as exceptional in your roles.


“When the opportunity came via email, it was an immediate yes I will apply to become a Mentor. During this past year, I have not regretted for one moment the decision.  My mentee is absolutely one of the best people I have ever met and I can now also call her my friend. She has taught me to be objective, inquisitive and compassionate regarding a cause.  I hope I’ve helped her personally and professionally but I know she’s helped me.”


Rochelle Barry, Closeout Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs.

Skill Development

“The MentorTech program has been an eye-opening experience for me. Even though I was a mentor, I learned so much from my mentee! My mentee has been in higher-ed for well over 20 years so she taught me the ropes since this is my first time working in higher-ed. As someone who has worked in Corporate America for well over 20 years, I was able to help her with branding and marketing skills that transcend any industry.  I would definitely recommend the MentorTech program to anyone -- whether they want to be a mentor or a mentee.”

J. Candice Bovian, Work-Life Specialist - Employee Engagement, Human Resources


“The MentorTech: Professional Partnerships Program has had a profound impact on my career in a way that I never expected! As a Mentor, I learned how to better listen and offer advice. Sometimes, your Mentee needs direction about their career or different pathways to work-life balance. Other times, they just need a sounding board or someone to make introductions so they can expand their scope of understanding Georgia Tech. In each and every interaction, I have so enjoyed the many breakthrough moments for my Mentees plus I learned how to be a better contributor to the Georgia Tech community. I treasure this experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve!”

Sandi Bramblett, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research & Enterprise Data Management

Career Growth

“I was honored to serve as a mentor for an experienced professional in the Mentor Tech program. Although my mentee had a longer tenure at Georgia Tech, we were able to mutually agree upon building and establishing a vulnerable and transparent relationship where we confided with each other. As a human resources professional, I was able to provide career guidance, interview preparation best practices, performance and conflict management coaching, effective communication skills, professional development opportunities, and tips to effectively cultivate and establish professional interpersonal relationships. Our success story is that my mentee was able to utilize the learning lessons from her previous work experience at Georgia Tech and the Mentor Tech experience to earn a new position, which has allowed her to utilize and maximize her strengths, abilities, and knowledge in an advanced role at the Institute.”

Will Jimerson, Human Resources Manager, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. 


“The tools I gained from the MentorTech program have been invaluable. I have learned how better to advocate for myself, and work on areas of improvement in which I’ve pushed to the background. Gaining a mentor and a friend through this program is more than I could have asked for.”

Olabisi Abikoye, E12 HR Consultant.

MentorTech Participants 2019