MentorTech: Professional Partnerships Stories

MentorTech: Professional Partnerships beginning February 2018 with applications due Jan. 17.

Watch a Mentee's Story

Learn about MentorTech through stories from the 2018 Participants. If you'd like to share your story, send an email to the WLPD team.

Sun Combs, Audit Manager (Paired with Michael Edwards)

“I could Google answers for the questions I had for my mentor but those answers wouldn’t be tailored to my working style and GT way. My mentor helped me recognize my strength and areas of improvement. He shared with me his very strategic perspectives. The mentorship program has been a valuable experience and I highly recommend it!”

Alisha S. Kennedy, Admin Professional (Paired with Klara Grodzinsky)

“Since the inception of my employment here at Georgia Tech, I was always in search of a program that would assist in developing and improving my work performance and professional growth. With all of the training courses and access to training resources Georgia Tech provides, which is a tremendous help, I still needed a personal interaction or partner to build a more hands-on experience.

That’s what the MentorTech program provided for me – It bridged the gap of uncertainties with opportunities of building a working relationship with my mentor to guide me towards my career goals, to hone leadership skills, explore ways of advancing my career, strategically outlining my weaknesses and how to build on them, and acquire hands-on experience through collaboration, meetings, courses, and research. This was a life-changing experience that turned out to be fruitful after all – I can truly say that Klara and I have created a prospering partnership! I would like to say many thanks to Klara for her guidance and encouragement and to Georgia Tech and all of the program managers for offering the MentorTech Program and for a job well done in matching me with my mentor.”


Ericka A. Thomas, Contracting Officer (Paired with Melissa Arceneaux)

“I participated in the inaugural MentorTech program at Georgia Tech and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and coach. Melissa Arceneaux and I were a perfect match. She has been an exceptional mentor to me and has blown me away by her willingness to offer guidance and insight into the industry as well as sincerely wanting me to succeed both professionally and personally.

In this short period of time, we have built a great relationship based on trust, respect, and openness. Having insight from a highly talented woman has been a rewarding experience. I would definitely recommend the MentorTech program. This program exceeded my expectations and has been life-changing and priceless. I believe a good mentor should not only have the knowledge in his/her professional field but also have the empathy and thoughtfulness towards their mentee’s needs. Melissa has both and I am so excited that I have a mentor and friend for eternity.”




Stephanie Niebuhr, Academic Program Manager (Paired with Kelly Cross)

“I enjoyed participating in the MentorTech program and am grateful for the opportunity. I really valued having someone outside of my usual group that I could go to and ask questions or share ideas with for a fresh perspective. 

In addition to having a good mentor experience and getting said advice, my mentor and I also got to know each other on a more casual basis and will definitely keep in touch beyond this program!”



Klara Grodzinsky, TA Coordinator (Paired with Alisha S. Kennedy)

"MentorTech was a wonderful opportunity to expand beyond my daily tasks and apply my work experience in an enthusiastic, supportive environment. The program managers did a phenomenal job matching me with a mentee who shares my work ethic and values. Serving as a mentor enriched both of our careers and provided us with a valuable, rewarding partnership."


Hyacinth B. Idea, Associate Director Landscape and Fleet Services (Paired with Sandy Martin) 

"At first I thought that the pairing of mentor and mentee was odd, but when I met with Sandy Martin and understood her needs, it was clear then that it is the right choice.

Sandy is an exemplary employee for the Mentor Tech Program. She has an internal interest in participating, dedicated and did all that she was asked to do. When we met with campus senior administrators to receive guidance and suggestions to participate on campus committees, Sandy was willing and followed up on the recommendations. In spite of the challenges she faces, she was always excited in attending Mentor Tech meetings with a smile on her face.

Sandy made mentoring joyful and a real sense of giving back is also rewarding. It also allowed me to re-connect with old friends and colleagues. I enjoyed every minute of it!"



Shirley Taylor, Student Accounts Specialist (Paired with Donna Ennis) 

"The paring of the Mentor to Mentee was simply amazing. I was paired with a Mentor who was identical to the career trajectory I want to pursue. From our first meeting, I was immediately impacted with career guidance and knowledge.  I was challenged to strategically think about my long-term career path/goals and then equipped with wisdom and guidance on how to ascertain them. 

I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the MentorTech: Professional Partnerships Program; it has truly been life-changing."