MentorTech: 2019 Close

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"I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor. She’s my mentor for life." 

The Workplace Learning & Professional Development team congratulates the 96 participants who dedicated over 800 hours between February and August to their professional partnerships. We thank you for your dedication to stay the course and invest your time and talents in each other. We hope your experience was both challenging and rewarding. You all are truly creating a legacy of leadership. New to the program this year, we also celebrate our Mentor of the Year, Alex Gutierrez and Mentee of the Year, Adrian Williams. Kudos to each of you for stretching your limits and your professional partner’s, and for being recognized by your peers as exceptional in your roles.

Mentor of the Year: Alex Guitierrez

Mentee of the Year: Adrian Williams

We hope to see you next year!

The MentorTech program has officially closed for the year, but we believe your professional partnerships are just getting started. We recommend you keep the conversation going, continue to enrich the relationship through meaningful dialogue and challenge each other’s thinking. We invite you to apply next year, tell a friend about the mentoring program, and continue to pay it forward through mentorship. The campus has unlimited opportunities for you to create the next. 

Creating a Legacy of Leadership


During this episode of the Interruptions Podcast, a MentorTech pair shares what they experienced through the program. 

Skill Development

"The MentorTech program has been an eye-opening experience for me. Even though I was a mentor, I learned so much from my mentee!" I would definitely recommend the MentorTech program to anyone."

J. Candice Bovian, Work-Life Specialist - Employee Engagement, Human Resources


“Sometimes, your Mentee needs direction about their career or different pathways to work-life balance. I treasure this experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve!”

Sandi Bramblett, Assistant Vice President, Institutional Research & Enterprise Data Management


"My mentee is absolutely one of the best people I have ever met and I can now also call her my friend. She has taught me to be objective, inquisitive and compassionate regarding a cause."  

Rochelle Barry, Closeout Manager, Office of Sponsored Programs.

Career Growth

"Our success story is that my mentee was able to utilize the learning lessons from her previous work experience at Georgia Tech and the MentorTech experience to earn a new position. "

Will Jimerson, Human Resources Manager, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. 

MentorTech Participants 2019