MentorTech Perseveres in Remote Environment

"I see a real value in having a mentor. She is so perceptive and provides an incredible amount of understanding that enables me to share and move forward in my aspirations." 

I've learned even during a global pandemic, there are ways to stay connected and be supportive. 

Yolonda Cameron

I learned that no matter the position you are in, we all have the same experiences, but on different levels.

Eme Anderson

Next Steps: How to Improve Your Self-Leadership

No need to force it... We had both given each other patience and grace to adjust to the new stay-at-home situations. And while it seemed our lack of dedicated time was not enough, it turned out to be JUST ENOUGH.  ​

Raquel Plaskett

I have learned to listen more and talk less. My mentor is a great teacher and motivator. Can hardly wait to tell her what I have been working on!

Priscilla Taylor

We hope to see you next year!

The MentorTech program has officially closed for the year, but we believe your professional partnerships are just getting started. We recommend you keep the conversation going, continue to enrich the relationship through meaningful dialogue and challenge each other’s thinking. We invite you to apply next year, tell a friend about the mentoring program, and continue to pay it forward through mentorship. The campus has unlimited opportunities for you to create the next. Keep an eye out for the launch of the 2021 program! 

MentorTech 2020 Participants