GRA Health Insurance Option

The GRA Healthcare Plan Option is a medical plan offered by the University System of Georgia. This option is in addition to the Student Health Insurance Plan coverage option offered through the Institute. Graduate Research Assistants should carefully consider all the types of coverage available to them before enrolling in coverage. The GRA Healthcare Plan Option does not meet the federal guidelines for international students holding F-1 or J-1 visas.

GT Stamps Health Services recommends GRAs enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) administered through United Healthcare. It is a more robust plan offered at a subsidized rate for GRA’s and charged through your student account. Before enrolling in the GRA Healthcare Plan, please consider scheduling a (virtual) appointment with a GTHR Benefits Specialist who can answer questions that you might have about the plan. 

Plan Information

For a summary of the services provided under the plan, please review the GRA Summary of Plan Benefits.


GRA’s will be sent information about the plan from the OneUSG Connect-Benefits Center after their hire information is processed. Please remember that this plan is offered in addition to other plans that are available to you.  Enrollment is voluntary and you will not be enrolled in the GRA Healthcare Plan unless you elect to enroll by phone or through the OneUSG Connect - Benefits website. If you enroll in the GRA Healthcare Plan the monthly premium cost will be deducted from your pay each pay period. Enrollment in the GRA Healthcare Plan is voluntary. Upon enrollment, participants will receive an Anthem ID card with both the medical and pharmacy plan coverage verification information. 

Coverage Period

The annual enrollment period for the GRA Healthcare Option is in January of each year. You will automatically be sent information about the GRA Healthcare Plan during that time. Enrollment under this plan is on a calendar year basis. Coverage will continue through the calendar year unless the Graduate Research Assistant becomes ineligible for the coverage (i.e., graduates or moves into another position) or experiences a qualifying life event.

The GRA plan coverage continues to the last day of the month in which your GRA position ends and at that time you will be offered the option to enroll in COBRA coverage.  

Quick View Comparison Chart

  Student Health Insurance Plan GRA Employer Sponsored Plan
Insurance accepted at Stamps Health Services YES NO
In-network and Out-of-network coverage YES YES but higher deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums
Cash out of your pocket before the insurance plan pays for any services. 

$0 - Stamps Health Services

$250 in-network

$300 out-of-network

$3,000 in-network

$6,000 out-of-network

Spousal Benefit YES NO
Co-insurance (lower is better)

20% in-network

40% out-of-network

50% in-network

50% out-of-network

Routine Doctor Visit $25 co-pay in-network 50% in-network
Dental Benefit YES NO
Deductible for prescriptions NO YES
Vision Benefit YES NO
Monthly Premium - (the cost you pay. The SHIP is paid per semester but annualized for illustration purposes in order ot compare to the GRA plan.)

$182.78 (without GRA subsidy)

$54.83 (with GRA subsidy)