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Virgin Pulse Nutrition Guide

Access via USG Wellbeing on the benefits portal. This will take you to the Virgin Pulse platform. Click on "Programs" in the top navigation and then in the left navigation click "View All". Click on the Virgin Pulse Nutrition Guide to find recipes that can be sorted by dietary preference, meal type or difficulty level.







  • Create a snack area with grab-and-go treats (and one in the fridge for cold items at quick access).
  • Hang a fruit basket with whole fruit.
  • Use a slow cooker to make a meal that will stay warm.
  • Institute save-a-plate meals!
  • Meal prep on the weekend, if possible.
  • Create a weekly/monthly menus where everyone can contribute ideas.
  • Cook food, not meals. Then, allow family members to 'make their own meal/plate' from what's been cooked.
  • Get the kids involved in cooking.