Georgia Tech Human Resources Communications


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Our Mission  

GTHR Communications works to communicate clear and consistent information about people resources for all employees at Georgia Tech. We lead and coordinate strategic marketing and communication initiatives for GTHR, raising its visibility and reputation to accelerate institutional effectiveness. We impact every goal and objective within every unit in GTHR.   

We are:  

Liaisons, Translators, Navigators, Connectors, Partners

Our Vision  

We aspire to support and amplify one voice for GTHR and help deliver a frictionless customer experience. We strive to provide a consistent narrative about the employee experience through the lens of Human Resources.   

Our Partners

We (GTHR Communications) work with all departments within GTHR. Outside of GTHR, we frequently work with Institute Communications, Office of Institute Technology (OIT), Administration and Finance (A&F) communicators, Strategic Consulting, as well as external vendors such as printers and graphic designers.  

Our Responsibilities  

We serve as consultants to assist with planning, and we can execute any of the communications needs that are part of that plan.  

We support with marketing/communications needs by:  

  • Identifying the best strategy for your communication or marketing need  
  • Providing editorial material or support  
  • Ensuring brand and message consistency  
  • Protecting user experience   
  • Ensure alignment with Institute Communications  

We operate as gatekeepers of the GTHR brand. This helps GTHR maintain consistency in how it communicates with all customers.