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Employment Stages Forms


Critical Hire Justification Process

  • Before posting, every full-time position with a salary greater than $40,000 must go through the Critical Hire Justification.
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Requisition & Hiring Checklist

Offer Letter


Research Faculty

Tech Temp Job Order Request


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Employee Access, Benefits, Leave and Pay Forms

Education Assistance
Flexible Work and Telecommuting
Georgia Tech ID Theft
Health Savings Account
Leave — Absence
Leave — Sick and Vacation
Leave — Reporting & Requesting
P-Card & Temporary Access
Worker's Compensation

Guidance Documents

Benefit Effective Date, Employee Benefits, Personal Services Form Processing (PSF)
  • Benefit Effective dates: Beginning July 2017, the benefit effective date for newly hired or newly benefits-eligible employees will be based on hire date. 
  • Variable Full Time Equivalency (FTE %) – Percent Toggling: Our policy and plans (as of 2012) offer benefits to employees who work at least 30 hours per week. 
  • Timely Processing of Personal Services Forms (PSF): It is a best practice to timely and accurately post transactions at the beginning of the employees next pay period whenever practical. Doing so protects our employees from adverse benefit and financial conditions. Timely and accurate transactions also alleviate potential risks to the department and Institute, such as non-compliance with employment and tax laws, negative financial impact to project budgets, and vendor relationships.

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Reorganization/Reclassification Posting

The standard practice is to post an open position. However, there are circumstances in which management may decide that a reclassification or appointment of a person into the role is more appropriate. The information below is a list of guidelines to help Unit management, HR Professionals, and GTHR to determine the best action in a particular situation.  

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Working Titles

Due to the broad range of jobs contained within Georgia Tech’s Job Classification and Compensation System (JCCS) and the standardized nature of staff titles, a department may wish to designate a working title for a position. A working title (also called a business title) is a descriptive designation reflecting the nature of the work being performed in a specific or similar position. Working titles should differentiate the work being performed in a position and, simultaneously, be consistent with similar positions performing the same work in other areas on campus. 

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Compensation for Travel Time Guide for Overtime-Eligible Employees

Applying these guidelines in specific situations can be challenging. Managers and employees are encouraged to use this guide and consult with their Human Resources representative for guidance before travel occurs.

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