Flexwork Arrangements

There is no one-size-fits all solution for telecommuting. Choose the way of working that suites your team. Communicate expectations clearly to make sure remote work strategies are effective, deliver on the benefits they promise, and arm your remote workers with the right tools.

The following points should be considered before making flexwork arrangements. 

  • Review the jobs in your department to determine which jobs are not suitable for telecommuting.
  • Set clear communication expectations between management and team members.
  • Determine what equipment will be required.
  • Define a work schedule.
  • Decide what communication and collaboration tools the team will use.

Collaboration Tools

BlueJeans This self-service online collaboration platform provides on-demand, real-time meetings and conferencing Go to bluejeans.gatech.edu.

Office 365 Georgia Tech provides access to Office 365 for all employees and a comprehensive FAQ page.