Employee Learning Week

Employee Learning Week 2018

Explore this year's Employee Learning Week's highlighted events happening around campus, from learning how to grow your professional talents to yoga to creating a piece of pottery. Learning and development opportunities are available throughout the week (see below) or throughout the year the via the full directory. 

Employee Learning Week is part of a national campaign created by the Association for Talent Development and recognized by the State of Georgia Governor's Office. It has become an annual Human Resources event.

Keynote Event- The Art of Adaptability: Developing Leadership Mindset Across the Organization

Dec. 3rd | 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. | Location TBD | Featuring Yvette Pegues, founder and Chief Transformation Officer of Your Invisible Disability Group

Our mindset is the fundamental driving force behind what we do and why we do it. Mindset influences our motivations and permeates every walk of life: academics, athletics, artistry, employment, personal relationships, and more. Nevertheless, intrinsic motivation isn’t always the next step to cross one’s mind when “life happens,” but proficiency in adapting Leadership Mastery can take you to your next from wherever you are now. 

Be inspired by Yvette Pegues's story. She discusses her strategy for persevering through the unexpected changes she faced during an illness that left her wheelchair bound. Inspiring and full of optimism, Yvette's address will help others assess their talents and gifts, and how to best leverage learning opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

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