Critical Hire Justification

Welcome to the Critical Hire Service Desk!

The information provided here will help you become more familiar with the updated process. 

This page will serve as an access point for the Critical Hire Service Desk platform, as well as a resource for Hiring Managers and HR Professionals who need to receive approval for positions through the Critical Hire process.

The information and resources below will provide guidance and a better understanding of the requirements and steps in the process. 

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What is a Critical Hire?

A critical hire is a position the Institute must fill in order to:

  • maintain student success,
  • patient/life safety, 
  • successfully meet required compliance and accreditation standards,
  • support areas of critical need, like OneUSG and CAR Action Plans, and to
  • effectively mitigate risk (legal, financial, data integrity, academic standards).

A critical hire is not the same as an important hire. We have many positions within the university system that are important to institutional success but would not be considered critical. Important positions will not be approved while the critical hire process is in effect. (USG FAQ Guide, 12/31/19)

Why do we use this process?

In December 2019, Governor Kemp asked all state agencies to think strategically about how to improve business processes by

  • eliminating duplication,
  • better utilizing technology, or other methods of efficiency, to include thinking strategically about workforce needs and
  • how to best leverage existing positions and personal services funding.

Additionally, the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) asked all state agencies to institute a strategic hire (critical hire) approval process. (USG FAQ Guide, 12/31/19)