Comprehensive Compensation Program Review

Georgia Tech is committed to creating an unmatched workplace experience where all faculty and staff members can grow and thrive. Recognizing that compensation is an important component of the workforce experience, Georgia Tech has initiated a review of our compensation programs to address our strategic goals focused on providing a rewarding employee work experience. 

The Institute is currently partnering with a consulting firm to assess how our existing compensation programs compare to market. This assessment includes a review of Georgia Tech’s compensation strategy, pay ranges, and job structure categories. We want to be transparent that this project will not result in an immediate salary increase for each faculty and staff member. We are, however, using this project to drive future compensation program decisions focused on helping Georgia Tech retain, attract, and appropriately compensate the best and brightest faculty and staff.

We are collaborating with key leaders and personnel across Georgia Tech to make sure the review’s approach reflects industry best practices and our unique academic and administrative workforce needs. As responsible stewards of the State of Georgia, our market review approach will also reflect our goal to maintain a compensation program that contributes to an exceptional work environment for all employees.

Philosophy & Policy Review

  • Georgia Tech is reviewing and refining, where needed, the philosophy that defines our pay programs relative to workforce needs and the markets in which the Institute competes for talent.
  • We are also reviewing of the effectiveness of select Georgia Tech pay policies. This includes reviewing policies focused on the frequency of market equity reviews and individual employee placement in salary ranges.

Market Equity Assessment

  • The equity assessment will provide a strategic starting point for determining where changes might be needed to Georgia Tech’s compensation program. This may include updates, where appropriate, to the structure used to adjust salaries based on market comparisons. 
  • Insights developed through the assessment will help Georgia Tech compete for talent in our relevant labor markets through a compensation program that complies with the administrative and regulatory framework of the USG.
  • While each faculty and staff member at Georgia Tech is valued, not every employee will receive an increase through this market equity review.  Though total years of service is valued by the Institute, only the employees years of experience in their current job can be used for this assessment.
  • We are targeting a December effective date for staff equity adjustments that may continue throughout the fiscal year based on unit funding. Adjustments will be made through a phased approach, starting with the most disparate positions to market and priority areas with significant turnover.
  • We also are working with academic units to develop a strong and collaborative approach that addresses faculty needs. We are targeting an early 2022 effective date for potential faculty adjustments.
  • We appreciate your patience as we progress through the market equity review. The assessment is a high priority for academic and administrative leadership; all adjustments will be approached with careful consideration

Job Structures & Pay Ranges

  • All staff positions at Georgia Tech are part of the Job Classification and Compensation System (JCCS).